• Krisen Ramkissoon

Your Desk Needs Love Too

Your desk, it's overlooked by many and given the attention it deserves by few. It serves it's purpose day in and day out but how often are we cleaning the germ factory at our fingertips? We type, we eat, we scroll and write on our desks, but how often are you taking the time to deep clean it?

You'd be surprised how much dust can build up behind your screen, in your key board, under that stack of papers you haven't touched in a month and in all the little nooks and crannies. We recommend dusting your desk at least once a week moving those items that are easy to move and wiping with a disinfectant wipe that is suitable for your desks surface. Once every three to four weeks we recommend removing all the items from your desk, wiping it down with a disinfecting wipe and dusting. Take your time and make sure you get all the dirt and grime that's built up over the past few weeks.

Don't forget to wipe your desktop items as well, like your keyboard, mouse, screens and other desktop items. We found this is especially important during the flu season when germs are abundant. You want to keep your office space extra clean during this time to avoid spreading any germs unnecessarily.

Drop us a line or comment below for more tips on how to keep your space clean at the office.

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