• Krisen Ramkissoon

Full Steam Ahead

Steam cleaning has a ton of benefits, most notably you aren’t using any harsh chemicals in your home to clean. We’ve tried multiple methods and we strongly prefer using green products and steam cleaning methods. Some of your traditional chemicals will get the job done a little faster but keeping our spaces chemical free is one of our top priorities.

One of the major benefits of steam cleaning is that unlike spray on products steam cleaning can kill harmful bacteria below the surface. For example in your bathroom the grout lines in and around your shower always seem to build up with mold or mildew quickly using traditional products, that’s because you aren’t killing the roots that latch on beneath the surface. Steam cleaning takes care of that problem and will give you a longer window between cleanings. A second and more obvious reason is that it’s an all natural and safe way to clean. It’s safe for not only you, but for your pets and the environment as well.

It’s a bit more of an investment than cleaning products in the short term but investing a little more now can save you a bit down the road. You can purchase anything from a handheld model staring around $40 to a heavy duty model running into the thousands.

If you have any questions about what cleaner is right for your needs, send us a message and we’ll send some recommendations your way.

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