• Krisen Ramkissoon

Dirty Desk? Not On Your Watch!

If you’re working in an office environment there’s a good chance you’re sitting behind a desk. His desk not only serves as your work surface, but also your lunch table and in many cases a breeding ground for germs. Being proactive about keeping your desk clean can go a long way to helping keep your office clean.

We recommend wiping your desk down once a week with a disinfectant or wipe to ensure your space remains clean. You should remove all items from your desk to make sure you get a complete clean both around and underneath them. This can also serve as your end of the week purge so you never develop that huge stack of papers on your desk that inadvertently ends up at the back of your personal filing cabinet. Who doesn't like an opportunity to get organized!

When others in your office see you doing it they’re more likely to do it themselves, because believe it or not cleaning is contagious.

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