• Krisen Ramkissoon

Declutter Your Floors!

Whether your in an office or at home, you'll want to keep your floors clear of any unnecessary items. Think about it for a second...your floors are the largest single surface in your space, likely the most used and more often than not the dirtiest. Now I'm not just talking about dirt and debris, but we tend to use our floors as storage area, cause hey why not? Before you know it, you've covered half of your floors in boxes and other miscellaneous items. Now think about how often you're moving those items that have cluttered your floor to clean underneath and behind them. It's probably not as often as you'd like and if you want a truly clean space you need to start from the ground up.

Clutter Free Office

Taking proactive steps to declutter your floors are the first and probably the most significant place to start. Start by removing those old items that you haven't touched in months. That should get half the job done and then it's the tough part, sorting through the things you think you'll need and finding a new permanent spot for them in your office so you can properly clean your floors.

If you're not the best at organizing or making space where it seems there is none, it might be a great time to contact a organization specialist. Once you've done the hard work, cleaning is a breeze and you can rest assured knowing you've got the cleanest floors on the block.

If you need some help decluttering or learning more about how to properly clean your floors, shoot us an email or leave a comment below.

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