• Krisen Ramkissoon

Clean Those Restrooms Right!

It’s one of the most rooms in your home or office and also the room most dread cleaning the most.  For high traffic restrooms we recommend a thorough daily cleaning and a deep clean at least once per week to ensure all surfaces remain sanitary.

When an MKM Specialist cleans a restroom we ensure that we stick to our five point system to get the best clean we can get every time we service your space.

First we’ll remove all perishable items from the room to ensure all surfaces are cleaned and that the perishable items are not damaged in the process. Don't just clean around items because you're leaving little pockets of germs that will quickly spread to the freshly cleaned surfaces.

Second we wipe all hard surfaces including but not limited to walls, sinks, mirrors, porcelain surfaces and floors with disinfectant solutions and wipes. This is where most of the work is done to keep the space clean and odor free. This step is never rushed and we ensure the solutions have time to work before wiping them dry.

Third we wipe all surfaces dry and make sure they are streak and debris free. We wipe the surfaces to ensure that we were able to get any stains and debris off, before we go on to step four.

Fourth we use a handheld steamer to give all surfaces a once over to kill any remaining germs on any of the surfaces. This is allowed to air dry to prevent any cross contamination that may happen from surface to surface.

Fifth all perishable items are replaced and refilled. And on the way out of the room doorknobs are disinfected, leaving out clients with a room cleaned from top to bottom.

As always, feel free to drop us a line with any questions you may have and thanks for reading!

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