Interior Services

We'll have your space ready for guests and clients at all times.  You won't have to worry about dust bunnies, running the dishwasher, restocking the restrooms or wiping the finger prints off of all your glass surfaces ever again.   We take the worry out of cleaning so you can focus on what's important..


All services listed below are available up to 7 times per week and offered between the hours 24 hours a day.  Services below are just an example of our core services.  Please contact us to discuss your specific cleaning needs. 

  • Floors

    • All floor surface will be cleaned with the appropriate machines and cleaners, leaving behind nothing but a 100% clean surface. ​

  • Grout cleaning and restoration​

    • Floors look beat up? Let us spot treat a section of your floor to show you how we can bring new life to old floors.​

  • Kitchen​

    • We're in and out in a flash, sanitizing all surfaces, loading your dishwasher and even cleaning out the refrigerator.

  • Bathroom ​

    • Nothing's worse than a dirty smelly bathroom.  We'll take the smell out of smelly and you'll be asking yourself why you didn't choose us all along.

  • Rubbish

    • Face it, taking out the trash isn't fun, especially when it's taco Tuesday. ​

  • Dusting​

    • Dust bunnies fear us.  We're green mean dust bunny fighting machines.  No dust bunny is safe when MKM is in the building.​

  • Wall cleaning​

    • Something often overlooked, walls get dusty too. We'll ensure you have spic and span walls no matter the type of surface.

  • Door and glass​

    • Have glass walls and doors with so many smudges and fingerprints they may as well be made of bricks?  Let us keep them clean and let the light shine through.​



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